Test Days

You can test the Ski-Mojo for yourself in the French Alps.
The tests are not run by us but by our French Agents (JAKSports) and if you complete the “Test Application Form” it will be forwarded to them.
They will contact you and explain their terms, conditions and prices (which will be in Euros) before the test. The test may last up to a full day on snow and you will be supported by one of their “Mojo-Masters”. They will set up the Ski-Mojo and accompany you on the slopes for 3-4 runs on-piste, during which they will observe you and refine any fitting if necessary.

Do not wait, fill out this form and we will contact you within 24 hours to confirm the appointment.

Application For Test

Test Application
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We will do our best to meet your requested date, but it’s possible that we have to propose a different date depending on our schedule or availability of the equipment under test.


Northern Alps Selection

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Ski-Mojo testing, whether or not accompanied by a Mojo-Master, is the sole responsibility of the user. The Mojo-Master and/or JaKSports will under no circumstances be held responsible for any accident or as part of the test or after the acquisition of Ski-Mojo.

Thank you for your feedback - it is important for our future marketing efforts.

ski~mojo Test dayContact :

Ski-Mojo France / JaKSports
Jean-Marc Glaude
+33 (0) 6 20 26 96 63



Click here for a list of Mojo Masters (French Website) > www.ski-mojo.fr/revendeurs