Is the Ski Mojo the best ski brace around? This is what just a few of our customers had to say in our recent customer survey.

I have suffered from moderate depression with panic attacks for about 1/2 year. It all started with nausea/vomiting, then a panic attack and I couldn’t leave the house. Klonopin helped me somewhat from a dosage of 100mg. I could go out again, manage my life to some extent, but it wasn’t great. The side effects were tolerable.

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The Ski Mojo gives me confidence to ski. Conditions that I would find challenging I can attack as I have stronger legs due to the Ski Mojo. In over ten years of owning one I have never skied without it.

Ralph Carter

Ski Mojo has been a game-changer for me. I skied in April for the first time in three years and it was an absolute pleasure. I think you’ve given me many more years of skiing that I would otherwise have had to abandon.

Peter Green

The easing of pressure on the legs enabling me to ski longer and more fluently.  Having had a total knee replacement the Ski Mojo provides a fantastic level of support.

Gerald Strautins

The Ski Mojo has kept me actively skiing – I’m not sure where I would be right now without it. I have gone from zero skiing to being able to enjoy the mountain for hours on end.

Michael Cohen

The Ski Mojo is awesome and has revolutionized my skiing. From someone who could hardly get up the chalet stairs by day three of the holiday I now ski hard all day everyday including off-piste and down the park with my kids.

Paul Weir

I suffer from MS and have loss of sensation in my lower extremities and loss of feedback on surface conditions; additionally, my calves and thighs easily fatigue. Once an accomplished skier, I found myself lasting half a day. Ski Mojo has given me full ski days back with confidence in powder and on the steeps. I truly thought that my ski days were over, but I am back!

Richard W. Stevens

Whether on- or off-piste Ski Mojos make skiing all day not just possible, but hugely enjoyable.

Sean Hanna

It works! As simple as that. I am now skiing as well as before my knee injury, if not better, and, when skiing, I forget that I have them on. In addition to overcoming the pain and confidence issues around my knee, I almost feel like a bit of a cheat as I can keep going longer, thanks to my secret springs, than others whose thighs give up well before mine.

James Bardwick

The simple benefit of the Ski Mojo is the ability to ski longer and still able to walk the following day! They can be worn under your ski clothing and are surprisingly unobtrusive. Great product!

Alan Bartle

The Ski Mojo has kept me actively skiing – I’m not sure where I might be right now without it.

Gordon Cuddinton

I love the engineering, simple, neat and effective. Nice work. I can now ski again!

Miles Stratton

Thanks for the Ski-Mojo. It’s got me through four seasons of skiing with an arthritic knee. I really wouldn’t have been able to do without it.

Kenneth Williams

It enables me to ski longer and takes the strain off my thighs and knees so I can keep up with my teenage son (most of the time!)

Rocky Newton

The support the Ski Mojo has given me has made a huge difference to my skiing.

Phil Sams