We were delighted to hear from Mattie Morey recently about her Ski Mojo experiences:

“I can ski again!

“The Ski Mojo has given me the support my body needs to ski. The Ski Mojo is a supportive system that absorbs pressure for you.

“I have Chronic Pelvic Pain and Inflammatory Arthritis and on my first day skiing my body went into shock and I had to leave the mountain after a single run.

“The next day, I tried the Ski Mojo and I was skiing pretty much pain free!

“Because it supports my core and legs, my dysfunctional core and pelvic muscles don’t have to work as hard, and so don’t set off my damaged nerves.

“Skiing means so much to me, but before the Ski Mojo I felt like I was losing a part of my life to chronic illness again. The Ski Mojo really is awesome adaptive technology – it gave me my fire back!

“It really is amazing. Currently I can’t do other sports, even cycling sets off a flare up, but now I’m skiing! I can’t describe the relief and just joy.

“Of course, I still have to manage myself. I’m currently precariously balancing exercise intolerance and enjoying myself, but it’s working out. I’m aware next week I’ll need a lot of time off to recover, but it’s all worth it for me.”

“Now, this is expensive technology, so it’s definitely not for everyone. But if you love skiing, go a lot but are finding your condition is limiting you, it could well be worth a try.

“I’m excited to see how the Ski Mojo could be used by other disabled skiers, and generally making the sport more accessible.”


You can find out more about the Ski Mojo on our website.