Four-time Winter Olympian and Britain’s most successful female downhill skier, Chemmy Alcott is a huge advocate of the Ski Mojo.

She told us how it helped her road to recovery following some serious knee injuries:

“I needed something to take the pressure off my knees”

“If you Google my name I seem to be more well-known as someone who has come back from a quite horrific injury than the four Winter Olympics I went to!”

“I had a serious ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) tear and surgery after I retired from racing and this had an impact on my coaching work. I needed to find solutions quickly and something to take the pressure off my knees, so I didn’t have to take painkillers or anti-inflammatories.”

“I wanted something that could help me go out there and perform better and for longer. The Ski Mojo really ticked every box for me.”

“The first time I tried the Ski Mojo was just after an ACL reconstruction. I wanted to be able to ski hard, while still coming back from injury and protecting my knees.”

“It enabled me to perform even better…”

“What I found was that it enabled me to perform even better – it helped me charge the turn right at the top by actively powering my hip up and forward into the transition.”

“If I’m coaching and out on the mountain all day long, the difference it makes now is significant. I need to protect my knees for the longer term and the Ski Mojo simply takes that strain away.

“What I really like is how it helps enhance performance too – not only helping at the top of the turn, but also aligning the lower part of the body into a natural ski position. It’s an excellent tool for coaching and teaching too.”


“There’s a place for the Ski Mojo for all levels of skier…”

“Despite helping with my performance, I believe there’s a place for the Ski Mojo for all levels of skier.”

“It’s not just for pros. My mother-in-law has used the Ski Mojo for skiing over the past ten years after a lot of medics said her skiing life was over. She wanted to prove them wrong, so she invested in the Ski Mojo for that reason.”


“It can help any skier simply wanting to ski for longer…”

“It can help any skier simply wanting to ski for longer, especially if you struggle with knee, hip or leg pain. The Ski Mojo will help take that pressure off your legs so you don’t get excess fatigue. You can ski all day from that first lift to the last lift, rather than getting tired after a few runs.”

“People don’t realise that for top level skiers like myself, Luc Alphand, Heidi Zurbriggen and other big names in the sport, we all use it to improve our performance so that we can be at our best and ski harder for longer.”

And the downsides?

“I don’t think there’s any but I’ve heard people say that it’s a bit like cheating. I don’t agree with that.

“Firstly, it really helps with rehabilitation from injury and the prevention of further injury. Secondly, it helps to push you even further if you want to, getting top-level performance through the turn and giving you even more power that you’d generate normally.”

“I know this winter once I start skiing again after the birth of my second son, I’ll be using the Ski Mojo, like many pros and the thousands of recreational skiers that have been able to carry on skiing – where without it they simply wouldn’t be able to.”

Chemmy at our stand at the 2018 London Ski Show