We asked for feedback in our 2019 customer survey and this is what just nine of our customers said about the best knee support for skiing around: The Ski Mojo.

You can read more feedback from Ski Mojo users here, as well as what women say about the Ski Mojo.


It really works. I have a damaged knee from a past accident and it has changed the way I ski. I was worried about being able to continue to ski but this is now not a concern.  It is really amazing: I could ski indefinitely now!

Nick English

The Ski Mojo allows my 69-year-old knees to stay on the slopes much longer.  I have been using them since the first generation came out and now own second-generation Mojos. During that time I have had both knees replaced and I am able to continue skiing. I couldn’t ski without them.

Dave Paisley

The customer service and support I have received from Ski Mojo has been second to none.  Many thanks to you and the team. The Ski Mojo is extending my skiing career despite my arthritic knees.

Declan O’Mahony

I have arthritis and benefit from being able to ski without any knee problems each season. I am 59 and recently skied an 11km run top to bottom in 9 mins non-stop. I don’t think I could have managed it without the Ski Mojo.

Ian Ward

I skied 30 full days last year relatively pain-free.  Prior to that I have been maxing out after a four-hour day and spending the evening with ice packs on my knees. I’m a happy guy.

Dave Robinson

I really like Ski Mojo. I was sceptical but my knees are trashed from skiing, motorcycle riding and surfing so I needed something. I bought the Ski Mojo and it is amazing. It’s helped my performance and endurance and I can go as fast as I want.

Jim Archibald

I can ski all day like I did when I was 24 – even after having both knees replaced just last April.

Shaun Hayward

It takes weight and pressure off my knees allowing me to ski 4 to 5 hours per day. Without them I couldn’t ski more than an hour per day with four to five days off in between ski days.

Rick Sharman

Without the Ski Mojo I can only ski for three days before my knees swell and I have to take a number of days’ rest. With my Ski Mojo I can ski for two or three weeks without a day off. Your product has completely changed my skiing experience and I am very grateful.

Siri Broadbent