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Boot Attachments (pair)

MkII Boot Attachments (pair)


An additional pair of Boot Attachments which can be fitted to almost any ski boot, either on a temporary or permanent basis.
(You get one pair of Boot Attachments as part of a Ski Mojo, only order these if you require an additional/spare pair).

Rod Blockers

Set of 4 "Rod Blockers" MKIII


Spare/Replacement Part – Set of 4 adjustable rod blockers. These can be set to the appropriate length and pre-inserted before the Telescopic Rods to prevent them from “collapsing” during use.

Snap on boot rod trade in

Trade in 2014-2015 "Snap-On" Boot Rods & Studs MKIII


If you have the first generation MkIII Ski Mojo (2014-2015) We no longer supply like for like replacement lower rods. Send in your Lower telescopic rods and we will return two Telescopic Lower rods with the more up-to-date Stainless Steel Sliding Sleeve fitting and a new Pair of Boot studs (a fraction smaller than the ones supplied with the Ski Mojo).

Ski Mojo logo

New Cables All Models (pair)


Other than the “fabric” straps, Neoprene and Velcro parts – the only part that is subject to failure through wear and tear resulting from normal use are the cables in the Ski Mojos “hinges”.
Very much like the tyres on a car, the cables are expected to last for a significant time. but they do wear out with use and need replacing can occasionally fail early if a piece of grit or debris gets in-between the strands. For most recreational users cable failure is very rare. For professional skiers using their Ski Mojo every day of the season, the cables should last for two seasons, although for ski Professionals we would recommend having the cables replaced every season.
Send in your Ski Mojo “hinges” in and we will replace the cables for you.