Ski Mojo 75 – For skiers weighing 75kg and more…


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This patented Ski Mojo product is precision engineered from the highest quality materials and is fully adjustable to ensure a great fit whatever your size.

Included: The Ski Mojo, Handy carry bag, Simple to follow instructions booklet, Hex-Key, which is the only tool you need to fit and adjust your Ski Mojo

Congratulations you are almost there; after buying – just add snow to experience and enjoy the ski-mojo difference.


Suitable for skiers weighing over 75kg (165lbs or 11 stone 11lbs) and over.

Skiers weighing more than this can still use the Ski Mojo 75, they will receive less support as a percentage of their weight

Comes complete with everything you need.

When buying direct online you are protected by statutory ‘Distance Purchasing’ rights – you can return the item within 7 days of receipt (in an unused condition) for a full refund.

As the manufacturer, we always sell the most up-to date specification and orders within mainland UK are shipped Free of Charge by next working day courier orders within the USA are shipped by FedEx or USPS.

When buying direct your warranty is automatically registered.

2 reviews for Ski Mojo 75 – For skiers weighing 75kg and more…

  1. Silver Turfer

    I’d heard about this product a couple of years ago, but I was a bit scepticle that this would really help me. But pondering about how my skiing ability had “gone off the boil”, while I was going up a chair lift the other day I decided to bite the bullet and give it a try out.
    I was lucky enough to have an expert fitter who was able to mount temporary “boot posts” so I was not obliged to buy before I tried.
    What a difference these things make!
    Its just unbelievable, you can ski all day squatting very low and taking up the bumps like suspension on a Range Rover.
    Everybody noticed how much my skiing had improved and I felt epic. The confidence it gave me, just made my skiing move to a higher smoother carvy level. After a couple of minutes you just don’t notice you have them on, but you certainly notice if you turn them off. Big thanks Ski- Mojo!

  2. Rob (verified owner)

    Just returning from a week skiing in austria. What a pleasant surprise, I have bin skiing 6 fulltime days. Las year I could only managed to ski halve a day whith one day rest in the middle. knee injury: torn cruciate ligament and both menisci removed.
    First day You have to get used to the skimojo. For me the problem was that I installed it about 2 cm. to long, witch made it hard to stay low. But after adjusting the length and mounting the rodblockers it went smoothly. Of course, fluid appeared in my knee after a few days, but it has not prevented me from having a wonderful ski holiday.
    I reccomend Skimojo!
    One remark for the inventers: After half a day I have to fasten the Velcro again because the skimojo drops.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have knee ligament/cartilage trouble, will it help?

Almost certainly, this is what the Ski Mojo is best at. It will benefit you in two main ways:-

Firstly, on our recommended settings, the Ski Mojo will reduce the load your knees have to endure by around 33% thus reducing the stress your knees are subjected to. This will allow you to be more in control of your skis, reducing the risk of further injury and reducing or eliminating any pain or discomfort that you may normally be accustom to.

Secondly, the Ski Mojo is a shock absorbing suspension system. Normally when skiing you have constant “chatter” going through your knees which can cause irritation and subsequent swelling of the knee. The Ski Mojo absorbs this chatter and any compressions.

SectionWill it hurt if I fall while wearing the Ski Mojo?

Falling while wearing the Ski Mojo is usually no different than if you fell without one. As the Ski Mojo runs down the side of your leg it works as side impact protection bars, just like those on a car and will often reduce the affect of any impact. However, under certain circumstances: e.g. if you fall on the end of the upper telescopic rod, it may cause bruising (in the same way as if you fell on your keys if you had them in your pocket. There is a layer of Neoprene between your leg and the rod, which can usually be folded over and “doubled-up”; you may wish to add additional padding to fit between these rods and your legs to further help reduce the risk of bruising.

If you fall or are hit by another skier/boarder from the side then the Ski Mojo will take the majority of the impact rather than your leg. It will spread the impact down the length of the Ski Mojo which has the effect of cushioning any impact you receive. If you were not wearing the Ski Mojo, then any impact would be felt directly on the side of your leg.

We cannot make any claims that the Ski Mojo is impact safety equipment. The above is based on the anecdotal evidence of several Ski Mojo users. The most relevant anecdotal evidence is that we have not heard of a single injury (other than normal bumps and bruises) sustained by a Ski Mojo user other than in circumstances where they fell that the injury would have been worse if they had not been wearing their Ski Mojo.

Where can I purchase a ski mojo?

You can purchase your Ski Mojo via our website and during the Northern-Hemisphere ski season we will usually send your purchase to you the same day (for orders placed before midday on a work day) or the next working day, by courier. Outside of the ski season orders are usually shipped within seven days.

You can visit one of our authorised Agents and purchase your Ski Mojo from them. A list of our Agents can be found on our Stockists/Agents page.

I have hip/back trouble, will it help me?

Almost certainly, as normally when skiing you get constant “chatter” going through your whole body; as the Ski Mojo is a shock absorbing suspension system it reduces the stress and vibration/jolting that your back and hips have to endure.

The Ski Mojo also supports you in a good posture as it mimics an ergonomical (or kneeling) chair, which also takes strain from the back.

Will the Ski Mojo affect my skiing technique?

Yes – in a positive way! The Ski Mojo will work with your natural articulation when skiing and it will help you to maintain the correct posture , also as it takes less physical effort to ski, it is easier and you can ski for longer, all factors which help you to improve your skiing technique.