Over years of competing at the highest level, multiple leg injuries have often prevented me from returning to the same level as before. The Ski Mojo takes pressure off my legs and facilitates great technique, so I can conserve my energy whilst skiing harder for longer.

Britain’s most successful women’s ski racer & Ski Mojo Brand Ambassador

I came to skiing after my playing days were over and now consider myself to be a reasonable recreational skier. There did come a point, however, where I started to have trouble with my knees after a couple of hard days of a week on the piste!

Ex England Rugby Player

The Ski Mojo has extended my skiing life and brought bounce back to my knees. I love my Ski Mojo. It has increased my skiing day by a couple of hours at least and means I can keep up with my much fitter adult children. A brilliant product. Splendid stuff x

Great British Bake Off Host

Martin Hannaford, Ski Mojo founder, first met Peter Gabriel in Méribel in 1995. Peter first bought a Mark1 Ski Mojo in 2008 and has continued to upgrade over the years:

“The Ski Mojo brings more bounce than a bunny with batteries!”


Award Winning Musician

Why I Love my Ski Mojo

Social media feedback

‘Fantastic’, ‘Awesome’, ‘Great product’, ‘Brilliantly designed’, ‘Terrific’, ‘Saved my ski life’, ‘I love my Ski Mojo’, ‘Like skiing with Tigger’, ‘Best bit of kit I have’, ‘Ski your mates off the park’, these are just some of the ways that customers describe Ski Mojo on its Facebook page.

Ski instructor Ashley Kay gives his opinion of Ski Mojo

Case studies

Still skiing at 80…thanks to the Ski Mojo!

Matt Taylerson sent us this video of his father, who is still skiing at 80…thanks to the Ski Mojo. Highly recommended piece of kit Matt describes the Ski Mojo as a “highly recommended piece of kit”. He continued: “Dad is 80 and wouldn’t be without his Ski Mojos (not that age is a reason to…

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Case Study: Skiing with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease

We were delighted to see Caroline Lytton’s recent post on social media, in which she described how the Ski Mojo has helped her back to skiing. “I have a neurological disorder called Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease which has left me with severely reduced leg strength and no voluntary motor control below my knees. Oh, and that checklist…

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Telemarking with Ski Mojo