We were delighted to read this great article by James Lewis, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, in ‘Style Attitude Magazine‘:

style attitude magazine


“Ski Knee Injury: From ACL Repair To Knee Replacements”

Style Attitude interviews James Lewis, a top consultant orthopaedic surgeon, about what’s on offer for skiers and snowboarders with knee pain and knee replacements.

In particular, Lewis picks out the Ski Mojo as one of the great advances to help skiers:

The amazing Ski Mojo (a British device too!) will help most mature people ski longer and harder with their own knees.

If you have a ski holiday coming up, he offers the following advice for getting in shape before your trip:

In the run up to skiing, gluteal and core training are key. I favour a gluteal bridge on a stability ball – or a chair if you haven’t got one. And clam shells with a theraband.

Most importantly, he advises trying a Ski Mojo:

If you have the beginnings of knee pain give the Ski Mojo a try – it’s simply amazing.

james lewis