Our customers love their Ski Mojos, but don’t take our word for it, these are all genuine Ski Mojo reviews and customer comments that we’ve received – just in the last few months.

We’re so pleased to be able to have such enthusiastic and happy customers.

“I love it…”

“I literally love it. I just put it on every morning  (don’t usually mention I am wearing it) and manage to impress fellow skiers that the fat old bird seems to be able to keep going all day” Annabel Elliott

“I’ve been using one for several years now because of injuries and love it. It has enabled me to volunteer as a ski instructor with an adaptive ski organisation which I love doing and of course being able to ski all day is brilliant!!” Pauline Lamond

“OMG! Thank you – this changes everything!” Richard Auerbach

“I can’t do without them…”

“Been using The Mojo for 8 years now, can’t do without it, I am addicted.” Radu Pasculescu

“It really is a brilliant ski aid. It’s the only way I can keep up with the kids these days!” Kevin Morel

“Without it, I wouldn’t be skiing anymore. A lot of skiers owe Martin a lot.” Nick Zotov

“They are brilliant couldn’t ski without them…I was told I needed a knee op and wouldn’t be able to ski. I have used Ski Mojos for years and they have helped me to continue to ski.“ Kathy Parker

“It’s worth its weight in gold…”

“It’s the best thing I have bought!” Jayne Merriman

“It is not a cheap appliance, but it is worth its weight in gold. I am now in my 70th year and still enjoy every minute on the piste.” Alexander Donald

“Anybody thinking about getting this product dive in as you’ll not be disappointed. I have used for years and worth every penny: it’s extended my skiing day by 1 to 2 hours.” Lee Daley

“It’s so well designed.” Jack

“I now have bionic knees…”

“I now have bionic knees…” David Carpenter

“Once you have Ski Mojos you only need semi-functioning knees.” Elaine Hack

“For any person who loves skiing but has dodgy knees, Ski Mojo is the perfect solution.” John Heagney

“It’s a marvellous bit of kit for injured or just knackered skiers.” Nigel Barden

“Since using the Ski Mojo I don’t have to take painkillers anymore.” Evelyn

Skiing into your ‘golden years’

“Have used Ski Mojos since my sons provided them for my 60th birthday. Now I wouldn’t be without them.” Maurice Miller

“Can’t wait to use mine for the first time after hubby’s success last season. My goal is to be skiing in my 80s to make up for the years I missed after my mid-twenties!” Hilary Dunlop 

French Ski Mojo Reviews

“Je suis completement enchante par cette decouverte.” Thierry Leriche

“J’ai repris plaisir à skier du l’achat de mon ski mojo” Eric Marambaud

“I love my Ski Mojo…”

For more testimonials from our customers about the Ski Mojo, take a look at the videos below, most of which were recorded at the London Ski & Snowboard Show in 2018:

Chemmy Alcott loves the Ski Mojo

You can also find out why Chemmy Alcott loves her Ski Mojo

Ski Instructors love the Ski Mojo

Darren Turner reviewed the Ski Mojo in Les 2 Alpes last summer:

Telemarking with bad knees

It’s great for telemarkers too. Watch this review by ski telemark instructor Scott Hammond:

Buy a Ski Mojo now

You can buy a Ski Mojo online on our website.  It’s also possible to test the Ski Mojo in France if you’d like to try it first.