In the latest in our series of case studies of Ski Mojo customers, this time we meet Jeffrey Stevenson – who turned to the Ski Mojo to keep skiing after an ACL cruciate ligament injury:

I had ACL surgery several years ago and was looking for a support or brace to help me recover and protect what is always going to be a weaker knee, no matter how much I work on muscle strengthening. My experience since purchasing a Ski Mojo has been very positive.

Jeff skiing after his ACL injury

How old are you?

What injury/operation did you suffer?
ACL cruciate ligament repair on left knee. This was a wear and tear injury, very common in active folks, especially of my vintage.

How did you find out about the Ski Mojo?
Internet search.

Has the Ski Mojo made a difference to your skiing?
It’s certainly enabled me to ski more aggressively when required. In my opinion, it improves your posture over the skis with the helpful tendency of a slight forward cant.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I mainly off-piste with some ski touring. The Ski Mojo is perfect for arduous days spent in deep and variable snow conditions.

It not only helps if you are recovering from an injury but even fully recovered, as I am now, it definitely helps to combat fatigue and thus reduce the likelihood of further injuries.

It’s no short cut for overall fitness, but the benefits are real and any worries about the faff of putting it on will soon disappear when you’ve used it just a few times.

I would recommend you buy it from an approved supplier and have it fitted.


If you would like to keep skiing after an ACL cruciate ligament injury, and to find out more about the Ski Mojo then please contact our team.