We were delighted to receive this letter recently from Ronan McKeown – an orthopaedic surgeon based in Northern Ireland.

Ronan told us how he came to the Ski Mojo after he first saw it featured on Ski Sunday (see our blog about this episode here).

In February 2019, Ronan bought a Ski Mojo for his wife Ciara, who broke her neck skiing in 2002. Although surgery enabled her to ski again, she had lost her confidence to such an extent that she rarely skied for long.

“Despite trying to ski every year after her accident, she had no confidence to do so. She was always stopping after a few turns because her legs were tired and she was afraid of falling.”

“It took all the pain from her legs”

However, when using the Ski Mojo in Tignes in March, everything was much better.

“She found that not only did it take all the pain from her legs, but actually kept her posture correct and prevented her from falling by not allowing her to lean back.”

“The effect of the Ski Mojo was amazing!”

According to Ronan, Ciara skied more that week than in the previous 15 years:

“The effect of the Ski Mojo was amazing. It was instantaneous. It totally transformed her skiing.”

“I cannot commend the product highly enough”

Ronan concludes with his own – much appreciated – recommendation:

“I cannot commend the product highly enough”

Thanks Ronan. We hope that you and Ciara enjoy many more skiing holidays to come.