We were delighted to hear from Amanda Steele, who has been using a Ski Mojo since tearing her ACL and MCL and being told she would never ski again:

I’ve been an avid skier all my life. I’ve enjoyed four seasons in the Alps and even enjoyed a bit of GS racing in my time.

“You will never ski again!”

Four years ago, I had a stupid little accident and tore my ACL, MCL and damaged my meniscus in both knees. It was heart-breaking as the French consultant told me I would never ski again.

He clearly doesn’t know me very well: my son lives in Whistler in Canada, so I wasn’t going to give up that easily.

The Ski Mojo has been revolutionary

I worked hard at my rehab and looked at every means possible to enable me to ski. The I discovered the Ski Mojo and it has been revolutionary.

I have been able to love my skiing again ever since. I’m not nervous to tackle moguls, powder or anything else the slopes have to offer.

The Ski Mojo has made skiing a pleasure again

This would not be possible without my Ski Mojo. Not only has it given me a huge amount of confidence but the pressure it takes off my knees has made skiing a pleasure again.

Thank you Ski Mojo for giving me back my favourite pastime. I would never be without it!



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