We were delighted to hear from Dr Bob Tate who contacted us about his experiences of the Ski Mojo which has him skiing again after a total knee replacement.

I am having a total right knee replacement next month and again planning to ski with Ski Mojo next April. I am now 80 years old, but I am very hopeful that Ski Mojo will give me several more years skiing! It’s a wonderful invention.

How old are you?

I was 80 in August 2019

What injury/operation did you suffer?

I have suffered from osteoarthritis of both knees and damage to the menisci, probably made worse by squash, tennis and skiing in the past.

I had a left total knee replacement in May 2018 and am due to have a total right knee replacement soon.

How did you find out about the Ski Mojo?

The Ski Mojo was a personal recommendation to me in 2017 from a friend, Norman Vaughton. Norman is roughly the same age as me and has been using SkiMojo for some years.

I was in Morillon 1100 in the Grand Massif in France at the time, skiing with my grandchildren and I managed to find a local agent selling the Ski Mojo and used it straight away.

Has the Ski Mojo made a difference to your skiing?

It has made an enormous difference. It takes the strain off my knees and I am able to ski for much longer.

After my total left knee replacement in May 2018 and I went skiing twice last season: to Argentiere in January and to the Grand Massif area again with my grandchildren in April.

I used my Ski Mojo on both occasions and found it an enormous help in taking the strain off both knees.

I normally look for off-piste skiing, especially in Argentiere, but I now stick to easier slopes and can ski for most of the day. Without the Ski Mojo my skiing would be very limited, if at all.

The photo is me with my daughter Susie taken in January 2019. I am wearing my ‘One Million Vertical Feet’ ski suit that was presented to me by Canadian Mountain Holidays after heliskiing one million feet!

Find out more about the Ski Mojo

You can find out more about the Ski Mojo by going to our website and you read more reviews here or on our Facebook page.