It’s not just men who can benefit from the Ski Mojo.  Take a look at these comments we received from customers in our end-of-season survey in May 2019:


The Ski Mojo just makes skiing more fun with less fatigue.

Janet Smith

I am very impressed. This year has been so different, the Ski Mojo provides so much support it has given me back my confidence and made skiing a real pleasure again.

Jean McGhie

The benefit is enormous, it has enabled me to continue skiing against all odds by taking the weight off my knees!

Nicola Heron

The thing that I love about my Ski Mojo is that it allows me to enjoy pain-free skiing! Before I got my Mojo, I only managed a day and a half of skiing before I was in too much pain to continue. With it, I can go for a full week’s skiing, catching the first lift up and the last lift back. Fantastic!

Tara Leaver

The Ski Mojo makes me feel 20 years younger as I can ski all day! The system has lasted five years with relatively little maintenance, making it a sound investment and product.

Lucy Sargeant

It enables me to keep skiing – I just wouldn’t be able to without the Ski Mojo. It has restored confidence following a serious knee injury and significantly improved my skiing ability since I started using it.

Stephanie Devine

Plus, of course, Olympian and Ski Sunday presenter Chemmy Alcott loves her Ski Mojo:

Chemmy at our stand at the 2018 London Ski Show